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Tenerife is the largest island of the Canarian Archipelago  with a surface of 2034 km²      ( 786,10 Miles ² ).

It has a triangular shape and finds  situated in the centre of the archipelago beside Gran Canaria.

It is composed by a total of 31 municipalities or councils , which  have an upper administrative organ that is the Cabildo of the island ( Council Island ). It has the highest point of Spain and of the Atlantic Ocean and  the third highest volcano in the world. The  Volcano Teide  has 3717,97 metres height (12.198 feet ).

Nowdays, Tenerife is the most populate island with 889.936 inhabitants .It has a volcanic origin with an age of roughly 12 million years. It finds  situated to 32 km (19 miles) of The Gomera Island ,  68 km (42 miles) of  Gran Canaria and 300 km (186 miles) of Africa.

The island was known by  the ¨Guanches¨ (ancient inhabitants of the Island of Tenerife that came from the Atlas Mountains in the North of Africa) like Achinech (Island of the Fire) or Tener – Ife (white Mountain). The Romans knew it like Nivaria that means ¨ White Mountain¨.

The island of Tenerife is like a small continent with more than 64 microclimates. These climatic  contrasts, come determined by its orography, as well as by the Trade Winds which arrive pertinent of the loaded northwest of humidity.

Volcanoes that reach the highest point of the Atlantic Ocean  like Mount  Teide, beaches of black sand, Rain Forests and Pine tree Forests, Wines and Gastronomy ,World Heritage Site of the Humanity like the City of San Cristóbal of La Laguna, are some of the things that will be able to see in Tenerife.

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