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Lanzarote is the most oriental island and northern of the Canary Islands with a population of 141.940 people. It has a small archipelago of five iles (La Graciosa, Alegranza, Montaña Clara , Roque del este and Roque del Oeste) known as the  Chinijo´s Archipelago .

It occupy a surface of 846 km² ( 326 Milles ²) and it is formed by 7 Municipalities and an upper administrative organ that is the Cabildo or Council Island . As the rest of the Archipelago, Lanzarote has a  volcanic origin. Its relief is low with little mountainous and its maximum height does not reach the 700 metres above sea level ( The Ajaches ) .

Regarding to its  age, Lanzarote  is the second oldest island of our archipelago with 18 million years old  , being the presence of the volcanoes a signal of identity of the insular territory that turns it into an exceptional place for the studious of the vulcanism. There are registered more than 300 craters of which some of them still being active.

It was already Known in the Antiquity by Phoenicians and Romans, Lanzarote was inhabited by villages of ancestry norteafricans since 900 bc, which wher known  as Mahos, being the first inhabitants  of this Island the Phoenicians.

Vineyards In volcanic landscapes, beaches of white sand,  National Park and Reserve of the Biosphere, home of the Big Artist César Manrique, volcanic tubes endless, are some of the things that will be able to discover in this island of the one thousand volcanos.

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