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La Palma island has a surface of 708 km²  (273 Milles ²) and it has a triangular shape. Roque de los Muchachos  is the highest point with 2.426 metres (7959 feet). It has a population of 83.456 inhabitants distributed by its 14 municipalities or councils being the Cabildo or Council Island the upper Administrative organism in this Island.

the Island is  known as  the Beautiful island by its greenness , as well as by its abundance of manantiales and  brooks. The landscape of this island is influenced  by  its climate.

The central mountain range surpasses the 2.000 metres and it is here where the loaded clouds of steam of water, bump with the mountains , producing the horizontal rain , which is the big manager of the greenness of this island. The island has an annual half temperature situated between the 16 ºC and 21 º C.

The Beautiful island, is the one which presents the greatest percentage of precipitations of the Islands. This fact ,beside its climate and to its volcanic landscape, are the managers of the existence of a big variety of bioclimatic flats that , of the coast to the summit, can remain defined of general form by distinct vegetal trainings.

The island is divided by a line of mountains composed by the Caldera  of Taburiente  and the New and Old Summits southward. It is in this zone south where has being located  the last volcanic eruptions of the Canarian archipelago     ( Volcano San Juan and Volcano Teneguía ) .

The Island of La Palma beside El Hierro island  are the youngest of Canaries, dating its antiquity in roughly 2.000.000 of years.

The aborigines of the Island of La Palma were know with the name of Benahoare, that means ¨my land ¨and its inhabitants were known  as Beneahoritas.

Volcanoes, forests, brooks, pastry, gastronomy, wines, sea, beaches of black sand, parties and historical sites and volcanic calderas are any of the appeals with which explains this island.

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