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It is known as  the Columbus Island  in tribute to Cristopher Columbus  who  did scale in the island in his three journeys  to America ( 1492, 1493 and 1498 ) and Esmerald of the Atlantic Ocean  by the greenness of it mountains composed mainly by the Rain Forest.

La Gomera is  situated in  the west of  Tenerife and has a surface of 369,74 km ² ( 142 Miles ² ), its maximum length is 26 km ( 16 miles), wide is 17 km ( 10 miles ) and has a coastal perimeter of 87 km ( 54 miles ).

The highst point is 1487 metres ( 4878 feet ) above the  sea level ( Pico de  Garajonay ) and has a population of 20.721 people . The island has a radial form where its gorges cross from the centre of the island till the coast.

The 6 municipalities that conform this island are : San Sebastián , Hermigua , Agulo, Vallehermoso, Big Valley Rey and Alajeró.

The island as tje rest of the archipelago has a volcanic origin and its  age  is  between 7 and the 10 million years old.

The Island of La  Gomera has a privileged climate, the average is 20 ºC which let it to have  an only flora in the world, with thermophile forest and  the Rain forest due to the subtropical climate and the Trade Winds.

Deep ravines or gorges , Rain Forest that are National Park and World Natural Site  of the Humanity, Crafts, Folk, Magic Island, Gastronomy, Wines and cheeses, Whistle Gomero and other, the Magic Island shuts in its forests and in the deepest of its ravines the true History of this island that will make you fell in love of it.

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