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Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

The Island of Gran Canaria is the third largest island in  The  Canarian Archipelago with a surface of 1.560 km² (602 Miles ² )  and it is the second most populated with 851.157 inhabitants. It finds  located in the centre of the archipelago beside Tenerife and has  form almost round.

It goes from  the sea level  til 1.950 metres ( 6397 feet ) of height in Pozo de las Nieves.It is composed by a total of 21 municipalities terms or Councils , which have an upper administrative organ that is the Cabildo of the island or Council Island.

The island like the rest of the archipelago has a volcanic origin with an age of 16 million years. Its orography has suffered the erosion such as  in its gorges like in Tejeda and  in Tamadaba.

It does roughly 4 million years, the island suffered modifications like result of the volcanic activities, affecting mainly northeast.  As the result of this activity, we can observe a landscape full of  boilers, lavas flows o, volcanic cones and roques like the one of Roque Nublo.

Before the island of Gran  Canaria was conquested by the spaniards, the earliest inhabitans were the canarii or Canarians. Through the archaeological site , the archaeologists have been able to deduce that the most advanced culture of the islands found  in this island, proof of this is the preparation of the ceramics, as well as the type of accommodation  composed mainly by houses or artificial caves.

The Island was divided in two kingdoms or Guanartematos known like Telde and Galdar. At the head of each one of these realms was a king or Guanarteme.

The island of Gran  Canaria offers to us golden sands beaches, dunes, mountains, deep gorges, historical sites and a multicultural   and cosmopolita city like Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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