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The Island of Fuerteventura is the second largest island of the Canarian archipelago with a surface of 1660 km² ( 640 Miles ² ), being one of the less inhabited.  It is the one which finds  closer to the African continent being from Jandía to Cape Jubi  only 115 km ( 108 miles).

His landscape characterises  by the erosion caused along million years     ( it is the most ancient island of the Archipelago with 25 million years ) that has gone modulating and wearing out its mountains and mountain ranges until achieving a flat landscape.

It has  extensive planicies, practically only in the archipelago, being his central axis a plain lengthened, the other way around of what occurs in the rest of the islands, in which the greater heights are used to  find in said axis.

The relief of the island of Fuerteventura corresponds to a stadium of maturity advanced and although it has suffered numerous eruptions along its geological history, these have not been enough to compensate the erosive  process  and rejuvenate the terrain appreciably.

The island is divided in six municipalities: Ancient, Betancuria, La Oliva, Pájara, Puerto del Rosario and Tuineje. The capital is Puerto del Rosario (ancient Puerto de Cabras).

The Ile of Lobos, with 5 Km2 ( 1,9Miles ² )  is incorporated to the municipality of La Oliva. The  population of  Fuerteventura is 106.930 inhabitants.

The island of Fuerteventura, was known by the Mahos ( earliest inhabitant of Fuerteventura ) like Maxorata and Jandía ( since these were the two realms that had ) According to the tradition , a wall separated both kingdoms.Because of the rivalities that had between the kings.

Kilometres ( miles ) of white and golden sand beaches , crystalline waters, cheeses recognised to world-wide level like the best, paradise for the fishermen and windsurfing ,this and much more is what will be able to discover in the Calm Island.

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